Alpha Blue Ocean

Created in 2017 by Pierre Vannineuse, Hugo Pingray and Amaury Mamou-Mani, Alpha Blue Ocean is a young, dynamic family office that aims to revolutionize the financial sector with innovative solutions.

Alpha Blue Ocean uses a direct, rational and efficient approach to offer alternative more


The biggest challenge of the third millennium, both in every day life and at work, is the optimization of resource management to find the best solutions in the shortest amount of time.
The complexity of the markets and the intensity of the current events call for solutions that are the more

KT & Partners

KT&Partners is an independent firm, founded by Kevin Tempestini, that advises small and mid-sized Italian companies on projects related to credit and financial markets. We work both with companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and unlisted private companies, providing them with a wide more


PrimaryBid develops a platform connecting retail investors to equity private placements on equal terms to institutional investors. Our solution enables issuers to deploy best governance practices and to generate a massive visibility (200k+ notifications sent for each deal) without complexity. more